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Ship Station - Register Account

Creates a new ShipStation account and generates an apiKey and apiSecret to be used by the newly created account. PLEASE NOTE: This endpoint does not require API key and API Secret credentials. The Authorization header can be left off. Use of this specific endpoint requires approval, and is meant only for direct partners of ShipStation. This is the only endpoint to require approval. All other endpoints listed in this document can be accessed by submitting proper authorization credentials in the header of the request. To become a direct partner of ShipStation, or to request more information on becoming a direct partner, we recommend reaching out to our Partners and Integrations team here: The body of this request has the following attributes: Name |Data Type |Description -------------------|-------------------|------------------- ``firstName`` | string, required | First Name ``lastName`` | string, required | Last Name ``email`` | string, required | Email address. This will also be the username of the account. ``password`` | string, required | Password to set for account access. ``companyName`` | string, optional | Name of Company. ``addr1`` | string, optional | Company Address - Street 1 ``addr2`` | string, optional | Company Address - Street 2 ``city`` | string, optional | Company Address - City ``state`` | string, optional | Company Address - State ``zip`` | string, optional | Company Address - Zip Code ``countryCode`` |string, optional | Company Address - Country. Please use a 2-character country code. ``phone`` | string, optional | Company Phone number.

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Ship Station


ShipStation is a web-based shipping solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process for your online business. ShipStation consolidates orders from over 70 ecommerce channels, creates shipping labels, packing slips, and pick lists in batch, communicates tracking information to your customers, provides endless automation, filters, and views, wireless printing, a mobile app, and a lot more.

Curl command through

curl -v "{streamdata_token}"

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